Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Norton & Buck battle it out during Colorado Springs debate

The two GOP contenders for the U.S. Senate slugged it out Tuesday night in a 90-minute debate in Colorado Springs, with each portraying themselves as the biggest conservative on the Aug 10 primary ballot.

Jane Norton and Ken Buck fought to win over the sometimes rowdy crowd of nearly 400 at the event, which was sponsored by local conservative groups.

“I am pro-life,” Norton said. “I’m a Colorado girl. I have Colorado values.”

“I carry this with me wherever I go — it’s a copy of the Constitution,” Buck said.

“If we can’t trust him in Greeley, how can we trust him in Washington,” Norton said, claiming that Buck spent freely as Weld County prosecutor.

“I was not the lieutenant governor who supported the largest tax increase in Colorado history,” Buck shot back, referring to Norton’s support of Referendum C, which allowed state budget growth beyond constitutional caps.

Polls have shown the two running closely, and each needs support in El Paso County, the state’s deepest well of Republican primary voters. Read More -

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