Thursday, July 22, 2010

2010 Colorado election is proving to be damned interesting

Now you have to admit, even if you’re a casual political observer, or even an ardent political agnostic, the Colorado election show this year is damned interesting.

Newspapers tend to sigh and yawn over primary contests, and it’s for good reason. With so many independent and non-voting voters in the state, it’s really a minority of potential readers that will find themselves in front of a ballot during the next few weeks. Truly, the primaries are the work and workings of political parties, and in almost every case, the outcomes are directed by the parties’ faithful who find the watery political coverage newspapers offer not very satisfying.

Maybe not so much this time around, at least where two races are concerned: the joust for a GOP gubernatorial nomination and the battle for the Democratic standard in the U.S. Senate race.    More -

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