Monday, July 19, 2010

Buck Campaign: ‘We need realistic goals in Afghanistan’

As the shootout between Republican candidates for U.S. Senate Ken Buck and Jane Norton ratchets up, Buck’s campaign fired back at criticisms leveled by Norton’s campaign in The Pueblo Chieftain.

Owen Loftus, a spokesman for Buck’s campaign, said Sunday that to say the candidate opposes the troop surge in Afghanistan, as the paper reported, is to oversimplify Buck’s position.

Norton has been unwavering in her stance that the U.S. should aggressively pursue the Afghanistan offensive. Buck supported the American troop surge in Afghanistan, but is tempered in his optimism that the U.S. can change that nation’s culture.

“We need realistic goals there. We cannot be in the business of nation-building,” Loftus said, echoing Buck’s position.   More -

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