Thursday, July 15, 2010

Colorado 9.12 Project chair rips Scott McInnis, expresses support for Dan Maes

Is Scott McInnis's plagiarism controversy really a "non-issue," as he claims? Not to Lu Busse, chair of the 9.12 Project Colorado Coalition, and a leading voice in the state's "liberty movement," which includes Tea Party groups. Below, she explains why.

"I do believe it's a legitimate concern when someone is deceptive," says Busse about the revelation that McInnis's "Musings on Water" pieces included a section almost directly lifted from an essay by Colorado Supreme Court Justice Gregory Hobbs.

Given these doubts about McInnis, it's only natural that Dan Maes, his opponent for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, has attracted plenty of support from folks in the 9.12 Project and assorted Tea Parties. But he's had troubles of his own: Maes just paid a fine of over $17,000 for a handful of campaign-reporting violations.

In Busse's view, though, Maes's troubles are less serious than McInnis's, and he's handled them better.    More -

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