Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dan Maes on Tancredo's Decision to run

Dan Maes released the following statement Monday, regarding Congressman Tom Tancredo's entering the Colorado Governor race:

"Republicans have a real chance this year to affect a generational change in American politics, away from the failed policies of socialism and toward a new era of conservative governance. There's no question that Rep. Tancredo has increased the difficulty of that task exponentially.

"Coming from a man whose career has been marked by often-astonishing levels of arrogance, this move shouldn't surprise us. And yet, one would suppose that even someone of Tancredo's conceit would bow to the greater good in a year such as this.

"Tom, know that your candidacy only means I'll work that much harder to undo the damage you will cause. Because I see that which you brazenly ignore: We must return conservative values to the statehouse. And I won't let Tom Tancredo, John Hickenlooper, or anyone else keep that from happening."

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