Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jane Norton’s days as a lobbyist

Let's go through the way-back time machine and see what we can uncover about Jane’s days with AARP.

According to the Denver Post on December 19, 1998, Jane Norton “Served as executive director, Office of Strategic Relationships, and director, office of state government relations. AARP/Vote legislative representative, 1993-94.”

But this conflicts with Norton who according to Business Word on April 27, 2010, is quoted as saying, “I have never been a lobbyist. I am not the Washington insider in this race. That would be Ken Buck.”

Now, let’s ignore, for purposes of this post, the “Washington Insider” denial despite being sister-in-law to Charlie Black, John McCain’s consultant and serving as John McCain’s state chair in 2008. She is denying she is a lobbyist.    More -

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