Friday, July 2, 2010

Statesman ‘InnerView’ with Jane Norton

Norton visited the offices of The Colorado Statesman on June 23. Below is the full transcript of the conversation with Norton.

Colorado Statesman (CS): Has this been a little bit of a different campaign than you imagined?

Jane Norton (JN): Yes, it has. You know, in a traditional campaign, in the primary you’re reaching out to all the Republican groups, and we’re certainly doing that, but we have the Tea Party groups and the 9/12 groups and these entities that have just sprung up — people who are just upset about the direction that the nation is headed.

CS: Did you really expect this to be such an intense primary? I mean there was a possibility that Ken Buck was going to drop out of the race, and Ryan Frazier, of course, did.

JN: Right. Well, Ken did drop out at one point and had me in his office and said he was going to support me and all that. And after a couple of days, I think he had remorse about his hasty decision, he said. But we always knew it would be a tough primary. I mean people are very, very concerned about what’s happening not only in the state but across the nation. So we knew it was going to be a difficult challenge.  - More -

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