Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Adversaries work together to battle Congressman John Salazar’s land swap

The proposed expansion of Bear Ranch in Gunnison County has joined two Paonia residents better recognized as opponents than allies.

Ed Marston, the former publisher of The High Country News once said of Paonia real estate developer Tom Chapman, “The only way to deal with people like this is a scorched-earth policy.”

Chapman and Marston now are working on the same side, trying to prevent a swap sought by one of America’s richest men, congressman Salazar and an array of local government and organization officials.

“If the land exchange were to go through as written, Mr. Sims will be the big loser, and Mr. Koch will be the big winner,” Chapman wrote.

Koch’s Bear Ranch is the focal point of the land swap that is being carried in Congress by U.S. Rep. John Salazar, D-Colo., as H.R. 5059, the Central Rockies Land Exchange and National Park Service Enhancement Act of 2010.   More -

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