Thursday, September 23, 2010

Colorado’s gubernatorial race just keeps getting crazier

Just when you thought the Colorado gubernatorial race couldn't get any crazier, another candidate dispute has disrupted the November ballot.

Victoria Adams has dropped out as the running mate for unaffiliated candidate Jason Clark, claiming Clark hates women and mistreated his campaign staff.

Clark says he dropped her from his campaign on Tuesday and will find a new running mate. He denies mistreating women and says the stress of the campaign was too much for Adams, who joined the race after responding to a Craigslist ad seeking candidates.

Secretary of State spokesman Rich Coolidge says this has never happened before and the office is seeking legal advice to see if Clark's votes will be counted. He said it's a state requirement that a gubernatorial candidate have a running mate, but unaffiliated candidates have no bylaws and no vacancy committees to pick replacements.

"There is no precedent for what's happening in the governor's race. This has never been contemplated before," Coolidge said.    More -


  1. Victoria never said that Clark "Hates women"!! So you better retract that!
    She said that he said "He doesn't work well with women"! far cry from the words
    you're trying to put in her mouth!

  2. What is the difference? If he doesn't work well with women, he probably doesn't like them. My bet is ...Jason Clark has never been married! In 2010, just saying you do not work well with women, is just like putting a nail in your political career.