Thursday, September 30, 2010

Committee formed to help retain judges Blair and Gilmore

Former Fort Collins Mayor John Knezovich and former Larimer County Republican Chairman Ed Haynes have formed a committee to promote the retention of judges Jolene Blair and Terence Gilmore.

Saying they have to speak up because the judges can't do it for themselves, Haynes wants to fight what he calls "specious and spurious" claims made by the opposition.

"Far from being called guilty or conspirators or intentionally trying to ruin the life of a young man," Haynes said. "None of those charges that [The Committee for Judicial Justice] is trying to make are true."

Blair and Gilmore, who face a Nov. 2 retention vote, were the prosecutors when Tim Masters was convicted in 1999 for the 1987 slaying of Peggy Hettrick in Fort Collins. Masters was 15 when Hettrick died. His conviction was vacated and he was released from prison in 2008 when his attorneys found DNA evidence that identified another man.    More -

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