Friday, September 24, 2010

Freda Poundstone says Dan Maes still owes her $300

Republican Dan Maes, in a recent campaign disclosure, says he refunded a $300 campaign contribution to longtime Republican activist Freda Poundstone. Never mind that nowhere in his disclosures does he claim to have received a campaign contribution from Poundstone.

Poundstone told the Colorado Independent today that she never received $300 from Maes. Much has been made of the fact that at a meeting of Jefferson County Republicans, Maes gave her an unsigned check for $300, but he promised a few days later to get her a signed check, which she said today she has never received.

“I never received another check,” she said. “I still have the one he didn’t sign. Maybe I should frame it. If he says he paid me back, it is totally a lie, but we know he’s a liar. If he told me the world was round, I’d have to go outside to check.    More -

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