Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hasan has issues with Colorado Tea Party

Dr. Malik Hasan has filed a campaign-finance complaint with the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office against the Southern Colorado Tea Party based in Pueblo.

The complaint accuses the Tea Party of failing to register with the secretary of state as a political committee, accepting anonymous donations and failing to report its contributions to candidates and causes.

Randy Scott, vice chairman of the Southern Colorado Tea Party, said that they are not prepared to comment on it until we know more about what’s going on.

Hasan said he filed the complaint because he discovered that the Southern Colorado Tea Party had ignored campaign-finance laws that provide transparency as to who is supporting candidates and causes.

In the complaint, Hasan’s lawyer pointed out that the Southern Colorado Tea Party has supported candidates for governor, state treasurer, state Senate and state representative as well as county commissioner, county sheriff and county surveyor with donations.

Hasan’s son, Ali Hasan, was a Republican candidate for state treasurer, but lacked the support at the state assembly in May to reach the ballot. At the assembly, held in Loveland, Hasan said members of the Southern Colorado Tea Party campaigned against his son by employing thinly veiled racism.   More -

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  1. Col. Bob Armstrong USAF RetiredSeptember 16, 2010 at 2:19 AM

    Considering this country has given them the oppurtunity to prosper the way that they have, they sure do whine a lot about the people who built it!

    Perhaps they would do better back in Pakistan?