Friday, September 24, 2010

“Hope and change” is killing Bennet

President Barack Obama celebrated the six month anniversary of national health care reform, last Wednesday, in a backyard meeting with about 20 Virginia voters, perhaps the only Democrat to publicly mark the milestone at all.

With major provisions of the reforms taking effect Thursday, Americans appear to be as confused by and divided over the legislation as they've been for the last year. And the Democratic lawmakers who helped pass it, aren't running on it, as the White House and party leaders promised they would. To the contrary, they're running away from it.

Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, appointed to his seat just two weeks before Obama's inauguration in January of 2009, told CNN's John King that he was prepared to vote yes even if he knew that vote would cost him his seat. Now, less than six weeks from election day, Bennet's website and television ads emphasize his commitment to reforming Washington and lowering the national debt.   More -

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