Tuesday, September 21, 2010

House District 50’s Boswell and Riesberg battle over inaccuracies

Even after the two-hour debate formally ended, the two candidates, Jim Riesberg, and Bob Boswell kept talking in an effort to correct what they called inaccuracies in the other's campaign materials.

At the House District 50 debate sponsored Monday by the Evans Chamber of Commerce, Riesberg, D-Greeley, told the more than 150 people in attendance at the Evans Community Complex that his Republican challenger had used inaccuracies in his campaign material to cast Riesberg in a bad light.

Among other things, Riesberg said Boswell quoted inaccurate unemployment numbers in campaign literature that said the unemployment rate in Weld County had nearly doubled since Riesberg was sworn in two years ago. Riesberg said while the unemployment rate had gone up, it had not come close to doubling.

Boswell said the unemployment numbers his campaign used were accurate. He also laid the blame for the state's budget shortfall at the feet of the Democratic majority, noting the state could face a $1 billion budget shortfall next year.

“When all our little businesses were in trouble, what did we hear from the Democrats in the state House? ‘Small business has to step up. Small business has to pay its fair share.' So what did they do? They piled more fees, more regulation on the already shrinking pool of small businesses,” he said. “When are we going to hear the Democrats, and my opponent accept responsibility for the mismanagement of this state?”   - More

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