Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Is the GOP being convinced to get rid of Dick Wadhams?

From a recent article by Donald Johnson at The Business Word:

Dick Wadhams is probably the strongest chairman in the history of the Colorado Republican Party.

Democrats know it and see the current turmoil in the party as a chance to convince Republican purists to get rid of Wadhams. That would help the Democrats big time.

Wadhams did as much as he could with two horrible candidates. He tried to hold the party in line, but a revolt began to develop a couple of weeks ago. And last Wed., a great reporting job by Karen Crummy on Maes’ latest lies became the tipping point.

Just as Barry Goldwater finally decided to tell Nixon to bail, Wadhams, Andrews and Brown tried to tell Maes to go. But Maes is no Nixon. He’s worse.    More -

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  1. When will big Government stay out of the peoples choice.

    Dan Maes is an every man, that's what we think is so great about him.

    He's not overly inteligent, educated or polished, but that's what the majority of the people are like out here.

    I stand with Maes too, and I'm proud of it!