Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Maes decides to run against Tancredo and not Hickenlooper

Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes sees a parallel between the actions of his harshest critic on the campaign trail and another group of people.

Like that group, Tom Tancredo had a straightforward, legal process to earn the Republican nomination for governor but didn’t put in the time or effort to do so. Instead, Tancredo took a shortcut to get on the ballot, trying to take away a job from someone who used to be a former party colleague.

“We have an illegal immigrant in the governor’s race,” Maes said, bringing the metaphor full circle to address Tancredo’s signature issue.

Maes and running mate Tambor Williams spoke to Tuesday night at the Loveland 9/12 Project, promising to bring conservative principles to the governor’s seat and addressing issues that have been brought up by his opponents on the campaign trail.    More -

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