Friday, September 17, 2010

Maes fined $3,000 for failure to file major contributors reports

The Colorado Independent is reporting that the Colorado Secretary of State’s office confirmed Thursday that it has levied an additional $3,000 in fines against Republican Dan Maes’ campaign for governor.

Secretary of State spokesman Rich Coolidge said the fines are in response to the campaign’s failure to file a required report on major contributors, which was due in July.

He said the Secretary of State’s office will not fine Maes or investigate Maes for the discrepancy between the fact that he has claimed to return a $300 contribution from longtime Colorado Republican activist and lobbyist Freda Poundstone without first having filed a report saying he received the contribution. Coolidge said unless someone files a complaint about that apparent violation, there is nothing the Secretary of State can do.

Maes has already paid a record $17,500 in campaign finance violations so far this election season.

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  1. If you can't even keep track of campaign laws how are we to trust you with our entire STATE? Seriously Dan, it's time to go.