Thursday, September 16, 2010

Maes spokesman Nate Strauch on Tancredo’s ad, sinking poll numbers and Dan’s “little surprise”

Dan Maes campaign spokesman Nate Strauch sought to respond to a few of the major developments in the gubernatorial race between the Republican candidate and opponents John Hickenlooper (D) and Tom Tancredo (ACP).

Strauch began with Tom Tancredo’s new TV ad — where former Maes supporter Freda Poundstone accuses the Republican of lies and deception.

“The ad is unfortunate. Tom is choosing to go after a fellow conservative rather than focus on the tax-and-spend liberal in this race.

Strauch then addressed the Rasmussen Reports poll that showed Maes with only 21 percent of the vote, taken earlier this week.

“There is no candidate in the country that could have undergone the kind of onslaught from the media that Dan’s seen over the past two weeks and not taken a hit in the poll. So it was certainly expected,” said Strauch. He continued, “But now that that’s behind us, we certainly believe we’ll be moving up in the polls from here on out

On Maes promise of a “little surprise” last week, Strauch said, “It’s certainly possible that it could happen. We’ve been told that it eventually will. We have no idea as to the time frame that that would happen in.”   - More -


  1. Maes is a lying sack of crap. In this day and age, background checks are done on everyone. Didn't someone think about doing one on the guy they were putting up for governor?

  2. Nate Strauch is a smart,talented young politician. Can't wait to see more from him in the future.