Saturday, September 4, 2010

Michael Bennet: Spending has put the federal government in “horrible shape”

Jobs and the economy were hot topics during Sen. Michael Bennet’s campaign stop in Frisco, Thursday.

Bennet said federal spending during the last 10 years has put the federal government in “horrible shape” fiscally, and he called for greater government efficiency and closer attention to defining priorities. Investment in renewable energy should be one of those priorities, he said, arguing it will reduce dependence on foreign energy, create jobs and protect the environment.

In the short term, Bennet said the federal government needs to do a better job supporting small businesses and making credit available to them.

“I hope we'll be able to establish a fund that would lend money to community banks so they could turn around and lend to small businesses. This is a Main Street discussion. Our Main Street businesses and Main Street banks have been lost in the discussions in Washington,” Bennet said.


  1. Dear 'Appointed' Senator 'Rubberstamp' Bennet: Perhaps you shouldn't have RUBBERSTAMPED every pork-stuffed bill & bailout that crossed your desk!! You've proven you don't know how to say NO. We, Colorado voters, your current constituents, know how to say NO & we'll be saying NO more Sen. 'Rubberstamp' on Nov. 2.

  2. Surely, Bennet doesn't expect us to believe he is sincere. How can he maintain a straight face while saying such stuff? He said he'd risk his job to pass Obamacare. Now, let's help him lose his job.

  3. Please give Bennet a break. He's kind of rusty at this whole campaigne thing. He hasn't ran for any thing since his race for 3rd grade milk monitor.

  4. I simply don't understand how these "unique individuals" can stand in front of us and tell bald-faced lies. Apparently, he thinks we're all just plain stupid!