Saturday, September 11, 2010

When will it end for Bennet?

There seems to be a dispute brewing over when Colorado’s new U.S. senator would take his seat, at least if Republican Ken Buck beats incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet in November.

State officials are saying that the new senator would be sworn in on Jan. 3, with the new Congress. But Republican officials say the state law indicates that Bennet’s term, since he was appointed to fill a vacancy, should actually end immediately after the election.

“We’re aware of the rules, and we don’t expect Democrats to try to play any reindeer games,” a senior GOP Senate leadership aide said. “We believe that once they have a signed election certificate, they’ll be seated.”     - More -


  1. Bennet is a classic case of say one thing and do another.

    It really doesn't matter on the exact date of when his term is over, as long as it's over soon.