Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Adams County DA’s office to pursue its investigation of County Treasurer Christner

The Adams County District Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday it is pursuing its investigating of Adams County Treasurer Diane Christner for using a county property for campaign purposes.

According to a press release from the DA, county officials are working with the Brighton Police Department in conducting the investigation.

The investigation follows the filing of a formal complaint filed by Brigitte Grimm, the Republican candidate in the Adams County treasurer race.

Christner, who has admitted to using government printers and paper to create 2,000 campaign flyers, says that she has now reimbursed the county and it should be taken care of now.

Christner has not hired a lawyer and says that she has not been contacted about the investigation.


  1. At what point did little crimes stop mattering? It was theft when she did it and even if she has paid for it now, it was still theft!

  2. Many abuses have occurred during her tenure, including using county money to pay for vacations! She attends a one day conference but stays for an extended period of time to make it look business related.