Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another conservative group asks Dan Maes to quit the gubernatorial race

The Denver Post is reporting:

A Western Slope group asked Republican Dan Maes Wednesday, to exit the gubernatorial race for the good of the state.

The letter, penned by organizers of the Western Slope Conservative Alliance, attribute the vote of no confidence to Maes’ flagging poll numbers as well as his difficulties running his own campaign and embellishments about his past accomplishments.

“Your inability to be forthcoming from the start makes you look like just another politician,” the letter states. “You are simply not the candidate we believed you to be. Due to many of these issues the question begs, if you are incapable of managing a campaign, how will you be able to manage a $19 billion state budget?

WSCA Treasurer Richard Schoenradt said the appeal is not necessarily an endorsement of conservative third-party candidate Tom Tancredo, but expresses the 2,500-plus person group’s wish to see a conservative in the Governor’s Mansion.

Schoenradt chuckles when asked whether he thinks Maes – who’s been bombarded with requests to leave the governor’s race as Republicans pull their endorsements – will listen to the Tea Party-leaning group.

“I would like to think so,” he said. “We are conservatives first. The way we see it, the way the polls are coming out, Dan Maes doesn’t stand much of a chance. We are just asking him to look at the bigger picture.” - More -

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