Monday, October 11, 2010

Colorado Springs Councilman thinks anti-60, 61 and 101 TV ads are deceptive and dishonest

A Colorado Springs councilman plans to ask his colleagues today to repeal a resolution supporting a group working to defeat Amendment 60, Amendment 61 and Proposition 101.

Councilman Sean Paige, who opposes the three ballot measures, said the group, Coloradans For Responsible Reform, is running deceptive and dishonest TV ads.

In one TV ad, for example, the group asserts that the measures “will trigger a second recession,” a claim that Channel 13’s Truth Watch called suspicious and opinion.

Paige, along with Councilmen Tom Gallagher and Darryl Glenn, voted against the resolution when it first went before City Council.

“I don’t know who their donors are,” Paige said at the time. “For us to attach ourselves to a private organization, I don’t know that that’s really appropriate.”    - More -

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