Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Colorado Springs Gazette endorses Buck

Democratic senatorial candidate Michael Bennet seems to have little interest in Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region. For that reason alone, southern Colorado should get out the vote for Ken Buck, the soft-spoken, articulate Weld County district attorney who favors limited government and free market solutions to our country’s financial crisis and broken health care system. Buck will make a great new member of the United States Senate.

“I expected a nut,” said one member of The Gazette’s editorial board, expressing surprise at Buck’s superb ability to present his moderate agenda.

In meeting with The Gazette’s board, which poked and prodded in an effort to elicit extremism, Buck came across as one of the three most impressive candidates we interrogated. Questions were answered directly with clear information and ideas.

Buck has an impressive grasp of the country’s immigration dilemma, advocating compassionate and sensible reforms that begin with a secure border. He wants the country to get real about the number of foreign workers the economy needs to grow and provide for the social security and pension needs of an aging population. Unlike most politicians, Buck integrates economics, immigration and demographics — three factors that are intractably intertwined. He speaks of immigration without the emotional us v. them hype and hysteria that has been used for political expedience by lesser politicians.   More -

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