Friday, October 8, 2010

JBC chairman challenges Republicans

The chairman of the Joint Budget Committee on Thursday challenged Republicans to identify nonessential programs that they would cut to balance the budget.

State Rep. Mark Ferrandino, D-Denver, issued the challenge dramatically, by leading a parade of reporters into the Senate Minority office and dropping thick copies of the Long Bill that comprises the state budget, a copy of the act that makes it law and the Legislature’s appropriations report.

Ferrandino’s display came in response to a series of press releases from Senate Republicans in recent weeks that call on the Democrat-controlled Legislature to cut government spending in order to balance the state’s budget and reduce taxes to jumpstart the economy.

An estimated $1 billion shortfall looms in fiscal year 2011-12, and Republicans have called on Democrats to slash spending instead of raising taxes.

“It’s great talking points, great rhetoric, but no solutions,” Ferrandino said. “Talking points and rhetoric aren’t going to close that budget gap.”   - More -

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