Monday, October 18, 2010

Last Call… Will Dan Maes Please Drop Out Of The Race?

The Denver Post reported Sunday:

Sinking poll numbers for GOP gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes and his disclosure that he filed personal bankruptcy 20 years ago re-ignited calls Saturday for him to exit the race, including a "reality check" from a prominent Republican who helped his campaign last month.

Bob Balink, the El Paso County clerk and a member of the GOP state executive committee, sent Maes an e-mail Saturday taking him to task for "probably eliminating all chances of a conservative winning the election" and walking "away from your responsibilities" by filing for bankruptcy in 1989.

The Post reported Saturday that in 1989, Maes, who was then 29 years old and single, filed for bankruptcy. He said that "taking responsibility meant living with the results of my decisions and having to recover financially."    - More -

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