Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rove Group leads spending in Colorado Elections

Colorado may be the No. 1 election battleground in the U.S. for Republicans, if the money pouring into the state is any measure.

The state may provide the best measure of the power of outside money in American elections this year. Critics say a Supreme Court decision that freed corporations to spend funds from their treasuries on elections has spurred a flood of special interest money that’s mainly helping Republicans.

While Colorado supported Obama in 2008, it lined up for Republicans in nine of the 10 previous presidential elections. It also went from having two Republican senators and only two Democratic members of the House to the opposite.

American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS spent $3.6 million through Oct. 12 to oppose Bennet. “His mistakes: costing us money,” says one American Crossroads ad that focuses on Bennet’s support for Obama’s health-care legislation. A Crossroads GPS spot says Bennet is on a “spending spree.”  - More

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