Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sen. Bennet changes strategy and warms up to interviews

After largely avoiding interviews for much of the last year, incumbent Colorado Senator Michael Bennet has appeared on three TV networks in as many days. Could this be a change in strategy, after polls show he has closed the gap with his GOP opponent, since both won their respective primaries August 10? On August 25th the Real Clear Politics poll average had Bennet trailing 45.3%-42.5%. By October 1st the RCP average had him losing to Buck by 7 percentage points, 50%-43%. Now, less than two weeks before Election Day, Bennet has pulled to within one percentage point, trailing Buck 46.3%-45.3%.

Prior to this week, one heard frequent grumbling from local print and TV reporters about this sitting Senator Bennet’s lack of availability for in-depth interviews. Nor did the Democrat meet with the editorial boards of most major Colorado newspapers with the notable exception of The Denver Post (a virtual requirement for any statewide candidate in the Rocky Mountain State) which endorsed him October 16th.    More -

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