Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tancredo takes on Hiickenlooper over housing terror suspects

Gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo attacked his Democrat opponent yesterday for suggesting that he would be open to housing terrorist suspects in Colorado.

Tancredo pointed to a remark Denver Mayor Hickenlooper made at a debate Friday. When asked by moderator Jake Tapper, if Hickenlooper would be open to housing terror suspects at Supermax, outside of CaƱon City, Hickenlooper said he would be open to the idea if elected governor.

“It’s the highest level of security we have in the United States,” Hickenlooper said of Supermax. “As a country, we all have to take on certain parts of our civic duty that perhaps would not be our first choice.”

“If anyone is under the bogus illusion that John Hickenlooper is any different, any more moderate, and any more middle of the road than Barack Obama, this invitation of terrorist detainees to Colorado should slam the door on that misperception shut,” Tancredo said in a statement. “Hickenlooper has lost his political compass or his common sense or both.”   - More -

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