Thursday, October 14, 2010

Will Weld County be the deciding factor in Colorado’s election?

Despite voter-registration numbers that skew heavily in favor of Republicans, Weld County has frequently been an important political battleground for candidates from both parties.

This year is no different.

“Weld County has been in the 4th (Congressional) District race the swing county,” said Steve Mazurana, a professor emeritus of political science at the University of Northern Colorado. “It may be the county that makes or breaks Ken Buck this year.”

Weld District Attorney Buck is the first strong candidate for U.S. Senate from Weld since former University of Northern Colorado President Hank Brown was elected to the post in the 1990s.

Buck isn't the only Weld campaigner to leave his stamp on the state's political scene. Longtime Greeley politician Tambor Williams joined Dan Maes' bid for office as his lieutenant governor nominee, and in the 4th Congressional District race, American Constitution Party candidate Doug Aden is from Fort Lupton.   More

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