Friday, November 5, 2010

The campaign for legal chronic is on in Colorado

The campaign to legalize marijuana for personal use in Colorado -- Legalize 2012 -- officially kicked off last night in Boulder with Paul Danish, a former Boulder City Councilman and County Commissioner, as the keynote speaker. Danish touched on the failed Prop. 19 -- California's own ballot initiative to legalize herb there -- saying, "Shit! It didn't pass. It pretty much came out the way I thought it would."

Danish also briefly went into how much work it's going to take to pass the measure here in Colorado in two years.     More -

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  1. Great! Let's defeat the personhood amendment and tell the citizens of CO they have no right to healthcare choice, but by all means let's legalize pot!!!! Everything is upside down and backwards. God help us! And I mean that sincerely!