Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Colorado House District 50 voters will have to wait until Friday for results

Jim Riesberg (D-Greeley) and Republican challenger Bob Boswell will have to wait until at least Friday for an official winner in the race for the House District 50 seat.

But it did become a little less likely that Boswell would overtake Riesberg's slim lead.

The Weld County Clerk's Office identified 422 of the 1,700 provisional ballots as those from House District 50. Of those, 30 probably will not be eligible, so the candidates can count on around 380 to be OK, said Steve Moreno, Weld County Clerk.

Riesberg leads Boswell by 266 votes and has said he believes he won the race. Boswell has said he won't concede until all the votes are counted.

Moreno's office will need to reconcile the 1,700 ballots through staff and a provisional board. That's how the ballots will be verified as those that can be counted and those that can't. More

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