Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Douglas County School’s proposes school vouchers

The Douglas County School District’s marketing machine fired up its engines for a drive to sell the community on school vouchers.

The school board Nov. 13 hosted a retreat to hear from its school choice task force, which began work this summer to research school choice options in Douglas County. The district’s retreat began with a presentation by parent volunteer and task force member Ted Vail, who summarized the school choice option is to “empower schools with more autonomy” and “market this definition as a core district and community value.”

Like most districts in Colorado, Douglas County offers a number of school choices for parents, including home schooling, open enrollment, charter schools and online learning. In addition to the school choices already on the table, the Douglas County School District (DCSD) is mulling one new option - school vouchers. The vouchers are presented to the district as “school option certificates” as a vehicle for parents to spend their student’s per-pupil funding on a private education.

If Douglas County succeeds with its effort, the per-pupil funding would be paid through the parent to the contract school. For students between 1st and 12th grades, the contract school would receive 75 percent of the state’s per-pupil contribution – in the form of option certificates, or vouchers - for tuition and related costs. The school district would receive the balance of 25 percent.      More

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  1. So, it's about choice is it? Well, how about giving ME a choice about paying taxes that go to the School Board?!? I'm paying >$1000 in taxes to pay for public schools - even though I don't have any children. I haven't complained before because I support the fact that our children are our future, but this goes too far. IF you choose to have children, then it's YOUR financial responsibility to pay for it - NOT MINE.