Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Tancredo effect on the Colorado GOP Central Committee

It seems that Tom Tancredo’s candidacy combined with Dan Maes’ poor showing has dramatically changed the make up of the Colorado Republican Central Committee. For the first time in a really long time, the rural counties hold a majority in the committee.

You see, the state grants every one of the 64 counties three seats as well as seats for all of the state-wide elected officials but it also grants two “bonus seats” for every 10,000 votes cast for the Republican candidate for Governor or President. Add in seats for the elected officers of the CRCC and you get a total of 282 seats.

Tancredo pulled a huge number of votes away from Maes, the Republican candidate. That means that the “Big 5″ counties of Jefferson, Denver, Douglas, Arapahoe and Adams lost a combined total of 64 votes. They just disappeared. Add in another 50 seats lost in the other large counties and you get a huge shift in power away from the urban areas in the state.         More -

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  1. Perhaps we will have a Committee that will get the job done for Republicans in this state. I view this as a good thing. We need responsible, grassroot, common sense leadership. The city folk have become too progressive and tone deaf. Instead of putting a plan in place to counter the Dems who took over the State of Colorado, they continued to think that he who raises the most money to elect cronies is the most valuable member of the machine. The farm and mountain communities are going to save us.