Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Will the Tea Party movement reshape and reclaim America or fade away?

How are Americans thinking about the future after the great reshuffling of the deck on Election Day that carried Republicans into power in the House of Representatives and across the constellation of state capitals?

If you ask Lizzie Adams and Wendy Craddock that question, you get a strikingly similar answer, even though Ms. Adams is a passionate supporter of President Obama and Ms. Craddock is a Republican who believes that the Tea Party movement, to which she belongs here in Larimer County, will reshape and reclaim America.

Both said this election, whether out of defeat or victory, was a renewed call to action and engagement — an alarm signal to push harder than ever in support of steadfast convictions. Many other voters, in a post-election swing through this deeply divided, fought-over county, expressed a similar thought: election over, game on.

Ms. Craddock, 58, a small-business owner, said her energy was over-brimming, too, pointing full speed ahead toward reversing everything that Mr. Obama and Democrats have done in the last two years.

“I think this is going to end up probably being the best thing in American history that’s ever happened,” she said. “We have awakened.”

Larimer County, a historically Republican part of northern Colorado that, like the state as a whole, is becoming harder to predict, cemented its position as a bellwether on Election Day.   - More -

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