Monday, November 15, 2010

YOUR SHOW – Senator Michael Bennet

Colorado Senator Michael Bennet discusses his return to Washington D.C. and his plans for the upcoming lame duck session of Congress.

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  1. Bennet: unfunded tax cuts for the rich OK, but U.I. extensions must be paid for.

    Call Senator Bennet 1-888-245-0215 and ask him who's side he's on.

    Yesterday, (Nov 14) Michael Bennet appeared as the guest on KUSA/Channel 9's 'Your Show' in Denver.
    When asked where he stands on S3706, the bill to provide 20 additional weeks of U.I. benefits to the (99ers) long-term, the Senator said,

    "I don't believe that people are not looking for work because they're on unemployment insurance. He went on, "The last thing that we want to do for our recovery is have a whole buch of people that, as a woman said to me the other day who came into my office, said, 'I'm going to be living under a bridge if we don't figure out how to resolve this'."

    Then he said this:

    "My interest in all of these things is also to make sure we pay for them as we do it because of the deficit and debt issues.

    Conversely, he would support a 1-yr extension of the Bush tax cuts - WITHOUT paying for it.

    I would ask Senator Bennet whose side is he on? Is he interested in providing help to the middle class who are rapidly becoming homeless and unable to feed their families, or is he interested in helping the rich get richer by extending tax cuts at a cost of $70 billion per year - without paying for it?

    What are your thoughts? Please give them to Michael Bennet, Mark Udall and other members of Congress (1-888-245-0215)