Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Colorado Political News Brief – 12.14.2010

CDOT head out under Hickenlooper.
Russ George, executive director of the Colorado Department of Transportation under Gov. Bill Ritter, has confirmed he won’t continue that position when John Hickenlooper take office next month as governor… Read More

Mayoral candidate Linkhart on sentence reform.
Linkhart opposes mandatory sentences because they don’t allow for judicial discretion. He also disagrees with putting people in jail like Marvin Booker, the homeless man arrested for drug paraphernalia who died in jail after an altercation with officers, while medical marijuana is legal… Read More

Colorado Springs Councilman wants meeting held at night.
Councilman Sean Paige will ask his colleagues today to consider moving the meetings of the City Council and Utilities Board from the day to the evening.… Read More

Saguache County must recheck voting procedures.
The Colorado Secretary of State's office issued a report Friday calling for a closer observance of state election rules and regulations by Saguache County… Read More

Mayoral candidate Romer selects Dunstone – dumps Rivera.
No one is saying what happened with Rivera and Romer, but the move has upset some in the Latino community, a strong voting group necessary for any viable candidate… Read More

Longmont senator's bill would create ‘prostitution classes’
A state senator from Longmont wants people who are caught soliciting a prostitute to take a class on the effects of human trafficking and the sex trade… Read More

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