Wednesday, January 19, 2011

AFL-CIO – Colorado legislature is taking the wrong path

Jobs and a strong middle class may be endangered in Colorado if the legislature steers the wrong path, said those gathered on the steps of the capitol today.

The Colorado AFL-CIO held the rally to promote their 2011 legislative agenda, saying a call to action is needed in creating good paying jobs in the state.

“The time has come to call for a new era of economic security… reinvest in Colorado and create an economy that works for all—not just the few,” reads the agenda, titled, “Reinvest in Colorado.”

Lawmakers were on hand to address the organization’s members, including Senate President Brandon Shaffer, D-Longmont, and House Minority leader Sal Pace, D-Pueblo.

“We have to put Coloradoans back to work,” said Shaffer. “It’s easy for us to come down here and talk about lofty ideas. You put food on the table for your families and create jobs for Coloradoans. That is a noble cause and we’re down here to fight for you,” Shaffer said.

Pace vowed his support for the agenda while highlighting the different philosophical approaches political parties take concerning job creation. More

Via - Colorado News Agency

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