Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Colorado Political News Brief – 1.12.2011

From Cuba to Denver Mayor.
Vidal was 10 years old when he and two brothers arrived at the Sacred Heart Orphanage in Pueblo. They had been airlifted from Cuba as part of Operation Pedro Pan while their parents stayed behind. The Vidal boys were reunited with their parents three years later and were raised in Littleton...... Read More

Gallagher to run for Colorado Springs mayor.
Colorado Springs Councilman Tom Gallagher, who went from being homeless to a neighborhood activist to one of City Hall’s harshest critics, wants to become the city’s first strong mayor….. Read More

Mark Hillman on Republican majorities.
As Republican majorities take the reigns of power both in Congress and in the Colorado House of Representatives, they carry the lofty expectations of their supporters alongside the inconvenient reality that Democrats still control half of the legislative branch plus the executive….. Read More

State Sen. Schultheis appointed to Colorado Union of Taxpayers.
Senator Dave Schultheis, an unwavering advocate for taxpayers, was appointed to the board of the Colorado Union of Taxpayers. Schultheis’ career in the General Assembly has been one of promoting conservative values, fiscal responsibility and limited government….. Read More

Gessler, Stapleton and Suthers are sworn in.
Two new Republican statewide officials joined Colorado's political ranks Tuesday and a third returned to his post at a swearing-in ceremony at the state Capitol….. Read More

Gov. Hickenlooper’s $10,000 cab connection.
November's "Mean Streets" detailed how politicians with ties to existing taxi companies -- Mayor John Hickenlooper among them -- stymied attempts to start new operations such as Mile High Cab….. Read More

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