Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Colorado Political News Brief – 1.4.2011

Senator Kopp criticizes Hick’s pick for labor.
“His selection of a noted progressive activist and union boss in Ms. Golombek will certainly raise plenty of eyebrows in Colorado’s business community. And for good reason,” Kopp said… Read More

A quiet inauguration planned for Denver’s new Mayor.
Interim mayor Guillermo “Bill” Vidal will take over the reigns of Denver in a quiet official ceremony but won’t spoil Hick’s party… Read More

Latino GOP courts party defector Ali Hasan.
The conservative Latino organization Somos Republicans is courting high-profile Colorado Republican Party defector Muhammed Ali Hasan. The group Monday asked Hasan not to become a Democrat, as he announced he would do last month, but to work with Somos Republicans and its supporters… Read More

Buck still not clear on his Senate loss.
Two months after Weld District Attorney Ken Buck fell to incumbent Michael Bennet in the closest Senate race in the country, in an election that ran counter to the national trend, the lessons of that contest have yet to come into focus… Read More

Betsy Markey reflects on being a one term wonder.
"I wouldn't have traded it for the world. When you think that only 10,000 Americans ever have served in Congress, it's an incredible honor to be there." … Read More

Chuck Plunkett named the Posts political watchdog.
Denver Post editorial writer Chuck Plunkett has announced that he’s been named political watchdog reporter for The Denver Post… Read More

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