Friday, January 28, 2011

Lamborn, Polis, Gardner and Tipton introduce common sense resolution

Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO-05) introduced a Resolution this week along with Jared Polis (CO-02), Cory Gardner (CO-04), and Scott Tipton (CO-03) aimed at limiting all bills to a single subject. Lamborn and Polis introduced similar legislation in the last Congress.

The Resolution would ensure that Congress does not pass bills that contain unrelated amendments and items cobbled together. Members of Congress do this many times to avoid hearings on important policy. This practice also has the effect of adding spending costs to bills, thus driving up the budget deficit. The so-called “Single-Subject” rule is already a rule of both Chambers of the Colorado General Assembly.

“This Resolution would ensure that all House bills are transparent. This means lawmakers must put forward bills that address a single issue, not this cobbling together of unrelated items. If something is important enough to warrant legislative action, it deserves to be fully and openly debated and voted on, not shoved into an unrelated bill and pushed through without a separate hearing,” said Lamborn.


  1. Thank you guys for doing the things you said you would do while campaining. Our state and our country will benifit from getting bills that are to the point without extra baggage.

  2. Great article but could you take the time to tell us the Resolution Number so we can track this legislation?

  3. A common sense way of streamlining the process of getting quicker action on potential bills. Thank you! I vote for it!