Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rep. Scott Tipton acts to repeal Obama-care

The Glenwood Springs Post Independent reports that U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton is a co-sponsor in HR2, a bill introduced by Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) to repeal the health care law favored by President Obama and approved by Congress after a controversial debate last year.

In a statement, Tipton said, “Something needs to be done on health care reform. However, the health care law, in its current state, missed the intended mark and has done more to kill jobs and grow government than to improve health care access and affordability.”

In addition to co-sponsoring the bill to repeal the health care law, Tipton co-sponsored a second bill that tries to repeal a section of the health care law. The bill introduced by U.S. Rep. Dan Lungren, R-Calif., aims at repealing a provision of the health care bill that requires businesses to complete 1099 tax forms on basic expenses such as Internet service, telephone bills and office supplies. Green said Tipton views the requirement as “a huge red tape burden” for small business owners.

Tipton feels “we should be creating job, not mountains of paperwork.”


  1. You are creating more paperwork by trying to repeal this GOOD law. Quit trying to hobble this govt and try to do something positive for a change.

    You will *kill* more jobs by repealing health care and you will cost the govt more of my tax money to do so.

    I want my health care now.

  2. "I want my health care now." Well Amy, your moocher, entitlement attitude is on full display! I am a producer and as such, I am tired of having my hard earned money robbed from my family for your "want". When I "want" something, I buy it. If I NEED it, then I will get rid of some of my "want" to get it. Hell, I WANT a Corvette to get to work, why don't you buy it for me? I deserve it, entitled to it since I'm supporting your lazy life. Look, get rid of your cell phone, cable TV, and the money that you save will go a long way to pay for your health insurance. Get rid of your facebook and my space and you will have more time for a better paying job. If you quit relying on others and become a PRODUCTIVE member of society, you will be much happier, more mature attitude, a feeling of accomplishment and pride and then I will have more money for my WANTS!