Thursday, February 10, 2011

Colorado Political News Brief – 2.10.2011

Pat Waak on Dick Wadhams
Chairs of political parties have some pretty defined responsibilities. The first is to make sure that our caucus, assembly and convention process run within the boundaries of state party rules and state statute. This ensures that the candidates selected by the party get legally nominated in order to be on the ballot….. Read More

Cabbie candidate out of the Colorado Springs mayoral race
“Seem I am not believeable (sic) to the voting public to be able to win against the likes of the other fine runners for mayor,” cabbie Marvin Venson Jr. said Wednesday….. Read More

Bill to subsidize the cost of private school is tabled
House Bill 1048 was laid over because of technical questions about how its proposed tax credit for private school and home school would operate. But its sponsor, Rep. Spencer Swalm, R-Centennial, said he wasn’t sure that he had every Republican vote on the GOP-controlled committee….. Read More

Gardner & GOP aim to reshape the EPA
If Rep. Cory Gardner and a group of Republicans in Congress get their way, the Environmental Protection Agency’s role in regulating greenhouse gases such as ozone may change….. Read More

Daylight saving time bill hits the legislature
House Bill 1067 would end daylight saving time in the Colorado, leaving the state on Mountain time year round. The bill is scheduled to be heard in committee this morning….. Read More

Adam Schrager’s last day at 9News
It will be a little bit weird after today, going to the state Capitol and no longer finding Adam Schrager and his photographer camped out just around the corner from the elevator, in what he called "speaker's corner."…. Read More

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