Friday, February 11, 2011

Colorado Political News Brief – 2.11.2011

Dan Maes on the GOP chairman’s race
Who is Dan Maes going to support for chairman of the Colorado Republican Party? Stay tuned, he says, for a possible announcement from another candidate….. Read More

Colorado Springs April ballot is a bulky one
All but two of the 11 candidates who filed papers to run for Colorado Springs mayor made the cut. In the crowded race for five at-large City Council seats, voters will have 16 candidates to pick from….. Read More

Pay-go bill fails to go
A Democratic bill that would have required state lawmakers proposing new expenditures to first identify what would be cut in the budget failed in a House committee today on a party-line vote….. Read More

Primary voters still have to declare Rep or Dem
A House committee Thursday killed a bill that would have allowed unaffiliated voters to vote in primaries without having to give up their unaffiliated status….. Read More

Buzz Geller isn't running for Denver mayor - but if he was…
In recent weeks, much talk was made about whether real-estate developer Buzz Geller would enter the crowded Denver mayoral race. Such a development would have been interesting: Not only is Geller more conservative than his competition, but he also has a tendency to speak his mind….. Read More

Colorado HB 1250 – the anti ‘Magic Brownie’ bill
HB 1250 is co-sponsored by Representatives Cindy Acree and Senator Scott Renfroe, with co-sponsors including recently censured rep David Balmer and Senator Kent Lambert.. And while the measure isn't officially on the agenda for this week, Kriho says, "Cannabis Therapy Institute is putting it on the agenda." …. Read More

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