Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Colorado Political News Brief – 2.1.2011

Harvey vs. Wadhams
State Sen. Ted Harvey said Monday that he is going to take on Dick Wadhams and run for chairman of the Colorado Republican Party. …. Read More

Denver Mayor forms financial task force
Denver Mayor Bill Vidal has created a task force to study the city’s financial future….. Read More

Fun with political financial disclosures – Gov. Hickenlooper
Statewide elected oficials are required to submit annual statements that names where they get their income, where they own property, to whom they owe money, and any businesses they are associated with. …. Read More

Bill to allow school-based health clinics passes House unanimously
HB 11-1019 will allow School-based Health Clinics (SBHC), which provide less costly health care, to waive co-pays for medical services that eligible children enrolled in the Children’s Basic Health Plan program receive. The bill seeks to remove the barrier preventing some school children enrolled in the state’s basic health program from receiving the care they need….. Read More

Another day, another 48 bills
On Monday, Colorado senators introduced 48 bills — more than a 50 percent increase. Senators now have introduced 131 bills….. Read More

Northern Coloradans question ridiculous emissions testing
Commuters in northern Colorado who are still smarting over the need to have their vehicles’ emissions tested have more to worry about than whether their old clunker can meet state air-quality standards. They also have to worry about whether their cars will even fit on the machinery used to test them….. Read More

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