Monday, February 21, 2011

Colorado Political News Brief – 2.21.2011

"Why should you be mayor of Denver?"
You could almost field two baseball teams with the number of people looking to be Denver's next mayor….. Read More

Colorado Springs corporate contribution fiasco
Past and present candidates for public office have been accepting corporate contributions for years. But this month, City Clerk Kathryn Young said corporations are prohibited from making campaign contributions directly to candidates. When asked why the practice had been allowed in the past, Young said it wasn’t her job but the public’s to scrutinize campaign finance reports….. Read More

New bill would get rid of Colorado’s ‘Pop Tax’
HB 1162 would eliminate the 2.9-percent sales tax that was placed on sodas last year….. Read More

Another joins the race for GOP chair
State Republican Vice Chairman Leondray Gholston has added his name to the expanding field, saying he wants Colorado Republicans to have the option of voting for a candidate who knows the state party inside and out while bringing a strong background in grassroots organizing to the table….. Read More

Is Fort Collins ready for ‘Ranked Voting’?
Joined by multiple Colorado legislators and city council members, Fort Collins Ranked Voting hosted their campaign kickoff event at Avogado’s Number in Fort Collins after garnering enough signatures to put the alternative voting method on the city’s April ballot….. Read More

Could Colorado see Wisconsin style unrest?
Over the past several days, thousands of public workers, union members, many of them teachers have stormed the capitol in Madison, Wis. They're upset about proposed budget cuts, like teachers here in Colorado….. Read More

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