Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Colorado Political News Brief – 2.2.2011

Gessler says no to moonlighting
Republican Scott Gessler has decided not to work part-time for the firm known for litigating elections cases. Gessler said after taking office last month after that he'd continue working about 20 hours a month for Hackstaff Law Group because he said he couldn't get by on his $68,500 salary….. Read More

Gerald ‘Gunny’ Styron running for Denver mayor
The number of candidates in the race for Denver mayor has grown to 14 with the addition of Gerald Styron to the list. Styron made headlines in 2007 when he ran for the District 1 City Council seat against then-incumbent Rick Garcia as a write-in candidate. Peeved that he wasn’t getting enough media attention, Styron complained to a Westword editor that he wondered if he had to “bring a gun” to her office to get noticed. As one might imagine, that didn’t go over too well .…. Read More

Michelle Malkin endorses Sean Paige in the Springs
Conservative columnist and Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin, who lives in Colorado Springs, will be the featured guest at a fundraiser Feb. 10 for Councilman Sean Paige….. Read More

Brrrr… Day one of political petitioning in Denver
With temperatures hovering around zero degrees, Tuesday was hardly the kind of day well-suited for gathering signatures in the grocery store parking lot….. Read More

JBC takes $2 million from Secretary of State
The legislature’s Joint Budget Committee voted Tuesday to take $2 million from a cash fund in Secretary of State Scott Gessler’s office, money he had wanted to keep and spend in his own agency….. Read More

Mayoral candidate Chris Romer top fundraiser in 2010
Monday was the deadline for candidates to submit their 2010 campaign financing statements. Only six of the 13 candidates turned in documents to the Clerk and Recorder's Office..... Read More

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