Friday, February 4, 2011

Colorado Political News Brief – 2.4.2011

Vote Vidal for mayor ???
Denver power brokers are pushing Denver Mayor Guillermo “Bill” Vidal to enter the mayoral election, but Vidal will be a tough sell because he has repeatedly said he wants to retire….. Read More

Metro Mayors: double the FasTracks tax!
The Metro Mayors caucus on Thursday recommended the Regional Transportation District ask voters to double the FasTracks tax to finish the financially troubled project sooner rather than later….. Read More

Hickenlooper appoints tech executive
Gov. John Hickenlooper today named Oracle executive Kristin Russell to the newly created position of ’secretary of technology’ and also said she’ll be his chief information officer….. Read More

Higher tag fees likely to stay in place
Democratic lawmakers say Colorado drivers who have been whining and complaining about higher auto registration fees and late penalties for the last two years shouldn't expect the added costs to go away any time soon….. Read More

Justices: Pay us to be honest
Colorado State University Supreme Court Associate Justices—students who interpret and enforce the student government constitution—have made a unique argument to the campus Senate as to why they should be paid $900 for their work on the university’s court. If they’re paid before the next election, it will prevent them from being bribed by candidates promising them salaries….. Read More

Peter Blake on Colorado's bizarre liquor laws

Later this year, barring a change in the law, some hapless restaurant is going to be busted by state revenuers for selling weak beer….. Read More

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