Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Colorado Political News Brief – 2.8.2011

John Salazar on city dwellers & Agriculture
“There’s not that many people who understand agriculture,” John Salazar said in a meeting Monday. “They think food comes from the grocery store.” …. Read

Permits or no Permits… that is the question
House Bill 1205 would essentially repeal Colorado’s “concealed-carry” permit for handguns….. Read More

Sen. Shaffer says no to first time fines or jail time for prostitutes’ or clients
First-time offenders caught soliciting a prostitute could be given the chance to avoid a fine or jail sentence, under a new law being proposed by state Senate President Brandon Shaffer….. Read More

Does Denver really need a manager of safety?
Denver mayoral candidate Chris Romer has a few suggestions for where the city can rein in expenditures in light of a $100 million budget deficit. Like, how about getting rid of the person who oversees the Safety Department….. Read More

Ken Buck to start non-profit to work towards balanced budget amendment
Ken Buck, the former GOP Senate candidate who lost to Sen. Michael Bennet by less than 1 percent in November, will launch a non-profit organization that will push states to ratify a federal balanced budget amendment….. Read More

Legislative license plates help lawmakers dodge red light cameras & photo radar
State statute entitles members of the Colorado General Assembly and members of the U.S. House and Senate to special "legislative license plates" that identify their particular public office and the district they represent. Along with the standard white and green plates, Colorado has a multitude of special and designer license plates covers everything from collectors vehicles to college alumni to breast cancer awareness. But unlike these, the legislative license plates are not tied to a car's vehicle registration information….. Read More

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