Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dan Maes throws his support behind Gholston for GOP state chair

Former Colorado gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes announced his support of Leondray Gholston for Republican State Chair, via facebook on Monday.

Maes facebook note stated:

I support him for Republican State Chairforthe following reasons:

1. When an organization needs to grow you pick a leader that is in his growth phase as well. Leondray is on the rise and should continue on this forward moving journey for all our benefit. In the private sector we ask, "What have you done for me lately?" Old victories are just that, old. Leondray is a winner and will lead us to victory in the future.

2. He has learned from one of the best. Though Dick Wadhams continues to attack me; I recognize that Dick had many strengths and I know Leondray will bring those with him in addition to his personal strengths.

3. Our party must continue to evolve into a new generation of leaders that can invigorate and expand its base while honoring the wisdom of those who came before us. That wisdom must be sifted and used while disposing of the chaff of losing strategies that have reared their ugly heads in the last 5 major races we have lost. We desperately need a leader whom the revolution and the institution can support and follow. I am convinced Leondray is the only one with that potential. We do not need any more divisiveness or business as usual.

4. Our party is in desperate need of a leader whose integrity and character are not found in his victories or failures but in his faith in a Judeo-Christian God Who provides the freedom and liberty granted this country and state via our constitutions. Our constitutions, laws, and bi-laws exist for a reason. Following these rules of law is not a choice to be manipulated to one's advantage for political expedience; rather it is required for our pursuit of happiness and protection. We can not trust anyone who supported another party's candidate either openly or latently via intentional non-support of our party's candidates. Leondray walked his talk over the last election cycle and honored us by standing on his principles and by these laws and bi-laws.

Finally, there is the practical side of this position. Our chairman must be trustworthy and appeal to a wide variety of people in his efforts to bring victory for our candidates. He must have the practical skill sets to manage the staff and the party organization toward victory in 2012 and 2014. He must be able to ask for the money and motivate a statewide team. Leondray has and will continue to inspire trust and that will motivate most conservatives to once again place their trust in the Republican brand. No other candidate for chair has earned our trust over the last 2 years like Leondray has.

I am very proud to support my brother and friend, Leondray Gholston, for State Chair and I hope you will too.

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